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For a while I was using my Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" SM-T715Y phone/tablet and also the 12.4" Galaxy Tab S7+ with the UAPP app in one of my vehicles connected via USB to a Mytek Brooklyn Bridge DAC for bit-perfect Hi-Res playback. :p The Brooklyn Bridge uses an optional but preferred 12vdc input on the back that made it super easy to implement in the car. :)

The back of the Brooklyn Bridge also has a USB 2.0 input for a USB thumbdrive or portable SSD/HDD, and will play your audio files directly from the drive. I had a 2TB SSD connected to it. :)

I could also stream music from the tablets to the Brooklyn Bridge DAC wirelessly via WiFi (I used my phone's hotspot) using UPnP via Foobar2000, Audirvana, and JRiver.

I could plug in my IEMs or headphones into the Mytek's headphone output to help me tune and compare them to the car's speaker system for proper tonality, detail, and correct image placement.

I have to say it sounded pretty [email protected] good! :p But I wanted to keep the Brooklyn Bridge as the centerpiece in my home system because it is an excellent DAC & system preamp...and partly because it also has an excellent headphone amp and MM/MC phono preamp.

And I was also always a bit apprehensive and worried that it would be too easy for either or both the tablet and the Mytek to "walk away" if my car was ever broken into.

Both tablets have sharp, bright SuperAMOLED displays and expandable microSD memory card slots for up to 1TB of storage. You can also stream Tidal HiFi directly via the UAPP app into the USB DAC.

The Galaxy Tab S2 8.0" is comparable to an iPad Mini in size & form factor and was actually pocket-able. With some help from the XDA Developer forums, I rooted it and removed all of the unnecessary system apps and bloat so it ran incredibly fast and smooth.

This particular Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 (international model #SM-T715Y) is also an actual "phablet" with 4G GSM cell phone for calls, texting, Whatsapp, and cellular data. It worked perfect as my backup phone here on AT&T, and I could swap in a local SIM card into it for use when I traveled to Australia and abroad.

There is a new Mytek Brooklyn Bridge II ROON model, and they're offering a decent trade-up program, so I've been contemplating that as well, but it's still major $$$. But the new model is designed to work perfectly with an iPad PRO. :)

iPhone 13 pro with Zapco DSP 16 channel with the ESS Pro dac upgrade - will sound better than any HU ever made… plus 30bands per channel EQ and Pro Dac… nothing better

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