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Where I'm at

2009 Altima Coupe

Mosconi 6to8 with SPDIF and AMAS attachment
500 watt 4 channel Alpine amp
1200 watt JL GMAX amp

Subs: Gladen SQL 12 Extreme (2 ohm) ported box
Mids: Focal 6w2
Tweets: Focal TN53k
All currently placed in factory locations (doors and dash facing windshield)

Doors have been deadened solid creating an enclosure for the mids and just ordered some MLV that I will be adding next week.
Trunk is 3 layers deadened.
The deck is deadened but rattles slightly and plan on addressing that when I deaden the doors more.

So my question for you guys would be what is next? Adding a mid range and going 3 way?(any suggestions?) Adding MLV to wheel wells,floor, and roof?

Haven't posted here much or in a while so I'm eager to read some replies, thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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