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as I understand it, Morel made the TiElite for PG.
So when they (at PG) says that a Morel tweeter should work just fine with the TiElite filter, I for one would listen :)

Passive filters are (mostly) made for a specific speaker/speakers.
And when it comes to really hightech passive filters (as the TiElite filter is) You should use them instead of going active...that´s my opinion anyway...

Hmm, come to think of it, I believe that a sales rep for PG said to me that You MUST use the passive filter for the TiELite kit..!!!

Conclusion, I would by the Morel tweeter so that I could use the passive filter.
If You´re going active, then my tip would be to listen to a few different (brands) tweeter in an attempt to find one that suits Your "taste"..!!!

Good luck

Best wishes
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