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I ran the PG Elites for almost a year and I hated the crossover. Anyone who tells you that you have to use the passive crossover has no idea what they're talking about or doesn't understand the multiple dynamic environments that each car and each install represent. My biggest fault with the crossover is not near enough padding on the tweeters. You put 200 - 300 watts into these things and the tweeters were way too bright and overpowering. Dropped the power down to 100 or so and the mids were underpowered, not near as dynamic as with the higher power ratings. This was with the tweets dash mounted. Down in kicks, it might work better but then you still have to deal with the lack of midbass from the 6.5's.

Anyways, the high pass was around 3khz, so most tweeters out there will be fine with it. Just pick a set that have had reviews results that fit your likes.
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