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I'm thinking about switching thing up a bit. I currently have the alpine spx 17 pro. My deck and EQ are an Alpine 7909J and PXA-H900. I have penty of old school PPI Art Series amps to play with. My smallest one is an A300.2 (75x2) and my largest are ProArt 100 & A1200.2. I do have a few A600.2 & ProArt 50 to play with also. Plus I will have a center channel installed. I just not sure what just yet.

Vehcile 94 Honda Civic HB. Weekend summer car. It will have a J35a4 V6 and the 6 spd manual installed with a decent exhaust (nothing to ricer).

What my ideas are

Alpine spx17pro with a pair of 8" sub up front for a killer front stage setup. Two IDMAX12 ran in stereo in the back. I have more than enough power rms wise and the eq why not?

ID 6.5 2ohm driver and a set of horns. However I've never played with horns or how hard they will to install into a 94 civic HB. Same setup on the subs as above.

Forget those ideas and just save a little more and buy the Alpine F1 3 way set and just do that and call it a day. With the same setup for subs above.
If I do this it will be most likely next year. $1000US for set of speakers is cough cough.

Just wanting some feedback and see what other people will do with the options listed above.
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