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Hi Guys,

I am running an active 4 way system. I have two 4 channel amplifiers installed in my car.

1. Addzest APA4200G (CLASS A)

My tweeters are running on Addzest and midbass are running on Diamond Audio. I am left with 2 channels each for midrange. Which one should i go for best vocals and harmonics?

Many Regards and Thanks in Advance !
Show us the guts and I’ll tell you. LOL

BUT miniSQ is right, easy way is to just listen.

some people like certain things… I’m not a fan of Mosconi and Brax amps myself… They are very precise and almost analytical sounding… I like a warmer more natural sounding amp with bipolar transistors instead of mosfets in the output section, but some people are quite the opposite.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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