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Which caps to inline with ribbons?

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I just picked up some caps that I think may be what I'd need to inline with my ribbons to give them some extra protection. I got them cheap, but I was just wondering if these would work properly, or alter the sound of the ribbons too much, or anything else that I'm not taking into account.

They are 14uf 50 volt non-polar 10% capacitors, with an apparent crossover frequency of 2800 hz @ 4 ohms, though it doesn't say what the slope is.

Are these what I need?
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its a -6db slope @ 4 ohms @ 2800hz

itll be -6db/oct @ 8 ohms @ 1400hz

itll probably only take ~50 watts.

you couldve easily asked Npdang what caps to use before you bought anything.. :?

How much did you pay for those things..?

which ribbons do you have? impedence?

i think the general rule is that you want them at least 1 octave below your xover point.
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I paid $3 for them, and I can return them too. In my sig it says I have the Aurum Cantus G2Si ribbons, so 4 ohm. I will be crossing them right around 3000.

Yes, they are rated for 50 watts as well, which shouldn't be a problem as that is beyond the limits of the ribbons anyway.
yeah..but thats a -6db slope.

^ and the Aurum Cantus G2Si are rated at 6 ohms, not 4.

your xover point @ 6 ohms is 1900hz at an -6db slope.... :roll:

my xover point is 2200hz @ 24db/oct.

my protective cap has an xover point at 1000hz @ 6db/oct.
Ahh... I had thought they were 4 ohms this whole time. I'm not using these for my crossovers, I'm just using them for a protective cap. My crossovers will be somewhere between 2500-3000 at a 12/18/24 db/oct. slope.

What effect will using this instead of something with a lower crossover point have?
I always recommend for protecting ribbons, to use a cap 1octave below your crossover point. A high quality yet affordable cap like Solen fast cap 250v usually works good.
Will I have adverse effects using the caps I have right now?
Anyone? How come you want the cap an octave under the crossover frequency? What adverse effects would using the caps I listed above have?
You're fine. :D
Thanks... I should be able to install everything and wire everything up tomorrow... man... fiberglassing takes SO much time, especially when things don't turn out perfect and you have to hack up your moulds.
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