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Here is my current set up.

car: 93 honda accord ex wagon
head unit: KenWood KDC-BT645U
front speakers: Alpine SPS-610C
rear speakers: Polk Audio DXI400
speaker amp: Polk PA660
sub amp: Kicker ZX 400
sub: Polk DXi 112 wired at 2ohm in factory built box

ok, so i want to set up a crossover with the front speakers since the alpine's i got just have a small capacitor from the woofer to the tweeter i figured using a crossover might improve the sound.
I currently have two different crossover's to choose from to use. One is from the Polk DXi 6500 set up, and the other from the West Coast Custom's 6-1/2" set.

I plan on using the alpine woofer and tweeter as i am fairly happy with their sound thus far. I do have the tweeters that came with the Polk DXi 6500 set up which i might try out since i noticed they are a little big larger but i don't know if they would mix well with the alpine woofer (the only woofer i have).

my question is, which crossover and tweeter would you go with (if you had to obviously haha) with the alpine type S woofer?

other variants i could add to my system i have:
Alpine mrp-f300 (4 channel speaker amp)
Infinity ref3032CF (3 1/2" speakers for rear)
Kenwood kfc-1062S (4" speakers for rear)
Pioneer TS-G1043R (4" speakers for rear)

Please dont tell me i need to upgrade for better sound haha
I got all of this stuff for either free or super cheap, I do plan on major upgrades once i get the funds and time!

What would you say out of all the parts i have variables in would make the best system and why?
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