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Which loc is best for me?

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Hey guys.

I'm new to the forum but have been kinda creeping around it for a while. I'm not a newb per say to car audio but am with locs. I've always just upgraded the HU and had all I needed from there.

This time around I'm trying to keep the stock head unit to make everything in the cabin look completely stock. I will be upgrading the doors and sails with a new set of components, upgrading the rear deck and adding a sub or two in the trunk. Two amps will be there.... maybe one haven't decided on a 4 channel and one for the subs or just to do a 5 channel. Still looking into that.

So my question is what loc is going to be best for me. I'm trying not to spend over 200 if I can. So any help from you guys would be much appreciated. Sorry for the long first post.
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A Navone 4ch loc would do fine at $40 plus shipping. Navone Engineering Inc.
Been good to me, x2 on the recommendation
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