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Which pair of subs should I use?

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I currently am running a pair of Pioneer 12" subs, model TS-W301R. They are rated 150 RMS each, 4-ohm SVC. I got a pair of 10" Phoenix Gold Octane R DVC 4-ohm per coil, 200 RMS subs free. I also got a PG Octane R 2.0:1 amp free ([email protected]; [email protected]). A friend at work decided he didn't want a system anymore, and gave me the gear. The subs are in a PG built box, slot ported common chamber. Anyhow, I will be either using the 12's or the 10's. Which are better, in terms of bass output? In SQ they are both not the greatest, so I will go more for SPL with them. I have the 12's in a sealed box, 2.47 cubic feet, common chamber. I will run the 10's in a ported box, 2.5 cubic feet tuned to 34 Hz. If I use the 10's they will be on the amp in my sig, bridged to 300x2. The 12's are on it now, 150x2.

Anyone know which is better?
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