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Hi! I'm trying to replace my pair of Kicker L7 12" subs with something better on SQ side..

Here in Mexico is a little hard to get some specific subs.. So far I have the next options:

2 Image Dynamics Id12v3
1 Diamond TDX 15 D4 (photo
1 Infinity Reference 1262w (only can get one)
1 Focal Utopia 33wx
1 JL Audio W6 12'
2 Re Se-x 12"
1 Re SE 15" (used)
2 MB Quart RWE-302

I want to power them with a MTX 7801 or DB Drive Okur A4 2400D. I have both.

So which one you think is the best for SQ but giving too good SPL?? I'm going to build the box with WinISD.. The max size for the box is 125 liters.
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