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Right now my system is this:

Head unit: Pioneer P9
Woofers: Dynaudio MW160
Subwoofer: Peerless 10" XXLS autosound
Amps: Butler Tube Driver blues for woofers and tweets
Sub amp: Modified PPI A600.2

So the question is for the tweeters. I was originally going to run Scanspeak d2904/6000 but the leads came apart and I cannot repair them already tried... So I'm looking for a tweeter that is similar to the Scanspeak in sound. My options right now are the Dynaudio MD100 tweets or the new 1" Scanspeak illuminator small format tweets. Any other tweets you guys recommend, or which ones would you guys prefer out of the two listed? Thanks for the help.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts