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which tweets and mids should I use to replace?

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My cousin has a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with the Infinity Gold Factory system. His tweets have blown. For now I'm just gonna help him replace the tweets and the front mids, which are currently 6 X 9, but a 6.5 can go in there also.

Not sure how much power is going to each driver from the Factory Infinity amp. It's 180W 6 channel amp. My guess is it gives something around 35W X 4 to the front and rear doors and maybe 20W X 2 to the tweets mounted on the dash firing directly upward. Just a total guess.

There is ~3.3" between the factory mounting screw holes and about ~3" of clearance in all directions with available mounting depth of about 1.6".

The door mids:

Speaker cut-out opening: 8-1/2" x 5-3/4"
Speaker opening depth (to glass): 2-7/8"
Factory speaker mounting depth: 2-11/16"

any suggestions on what might be good replacement for these would be of great help.

Don't know how the crossovers are set up with the factory system, but This will likely be the first step in an overall upgrade, so it would be nice to get some tweets and front mids that won't have to be replaced again when the rest of the system is upgraded. Thanks for any/all help you can offer.
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gotta let people know what you want to end up with and how much you're willing to spend :)
For plug n play i suppose some of the new alpine tweets will do, but yeh, depends on budget and what he wants out of it
if you don't want to go to crazy you could even just go simple with some tang band speakers out of parts express. they are surprisingly extremely high value so it seems (I don't have personal experience)
It's funny you should say that. Before I checked back to read any responses to this thread I was continuing to look for tweeter, doing research etc. and actually came to the decision to try the TB ceramic dome tweets for now (you're a psychic:surprised:).

That way at least he'll have two working tweeters..........Once I move back up to MA, I can help him with upgrading the rest of the system.
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