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Width of Zuki amps?

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One of the problems with Zuki's lack of specs on their website is that I can't see what the dimensions of any of those amps are. Does anyone know? I'm looking for an amp that is less than or equal to 8.5" of width.
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what are the physical dimensions of the amp?
roughly 16.5'x9.25'x2.2'
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I already found that link for the Eleets. I should have mentioned previously in the thread that I was looking for dimensions on the Big Four. Seems like that amp would have no problem driving 350 watts into 2 channels at 4 ohms. I was unable to find any info via google or DIYMA on the Big Four.
If the Eleet is > 9" width, my assumption would be the Big Four would be even bigger. Oh well. Think I'm going to stick with an Audison.
The Big Four is larger than the normal ELEETS 4 channel. Your assumption was correct.
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