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ok guys so a friend of mine came to me about a few months ago telling me that her car's stereo is acting very wierd. The right side didn't play at all and the left side has a lot of static. plus she mentioned the stereo would go in and out on the side that didn't play. She said it would pop back on randomly at times. but the side that didn't was always full of static... im like well the whole thing sounds f'ed but me having dated her twin sister and being the nice guy i am.... i said id look at it.

To start heres the vehicle:
2004 honda civic 2 door coupe manual transmission

The stereo consisted of a older alpine with basic functions like that of a 100$ unit. rcas to a tiny jensen 50x2 watt amp powering 2 stock front door speakers and 2 rear speakers. the speakers were spliced by the sides. rear left and front left spliced to 1 wire run from left output of amp up to the front dash where it spliced at the wiring harness.. etc... for right. then a jbl 400 watt amp runs 2 tiny 10's in a tiny sealed box.

what i first noticed after removing her stereo from the dash was that the person who installed it obvioussly ghetto rigged it up cause someone was to lazy to run wires to speakers appropriately and tapped into the stock ones.... but everything else looked fine... and i redid all connections with new quick disconnects and electrical tape over the connections between receiver harness and stock harness.

so i then went to the right side front door speakers after removing the door panel to test the speaker. it was hard and rubbing. i thought it was blown after not moving from a simple 9v battery test and later dmm'ed the leads for any resistance.. none.....

i called her up told her she blew her front speaker for sure on right side. Heres what i was thinking.... she doesnt have any tweeter to pickup the highs, she doesnt have any lpf on the mids to tell them to no play above a certain point. i figured the static is distortion from the mids playing frequencys they dont want to play.... and the side that doesnt play is blown or almost blown from exactly that. not having tweeters and not using adequate crossovers... plus her loudness and bassboost were on.

i told her what she needed were a new set of component speakers for the front.... she could run passive. replace the front mids, run tweeters, and use subs for fill in rear. dont use rear 6x9's. i told her id run new wire from the amps to the passive crossovers and then run new speaker wire to the new speakers in the doors. and tweeters in the top of the door panel.

i did everything. redid her grounds (near rear seat bolt) and put new battery terminals on and did a simple 4 gauge ground upgrade of additional ground.

everything worked amazing............. sounded so much better. i as a audiophile actually thought it sounded very good. for 100$ of materials she paid.

gave the car back. set few simple gains, sub bass lvl, subsonic, crossovers....

i get a call 2 months later. saying the problems are happening again.......
the same exact ones......

so idk what to do... im thinking her headunit is shorting out inside.... or the amps outputs are shorting out? possibly the ground wire where it meets the distro blocks that i didnt touch.... or maybe even rca terminations inside the plugs??

what do you guys think.

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