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What would be my cheapest solution?

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Hi, sorry if this has an obvious answer.
my car (2005 skoda octavia combi) has a real big issue with the audio system. The original stereo broke so I replaced it with a cheap one with reverse camera. (pni clementine 9545). It sounds terrible (i think clipping), but I found this out only after purchasing new speakers (PIONEER TS-G1720F).
If I purchase this amp (PIONEER GM-A3702) will it amplify the bad signal recieved from the stereo or will it just improve the sound quality overall?

I'm not an expert in this kind of stuff, and I'm also not really willing to spend too much, hence the cheaper pioneer speakers and amp, but I do want my car stereo to be at least decent.

In the end what do you think? Should I get an amp or a new stereo with better sound quality ?
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