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Will Belden Star Quad make good signal cable?

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I have a bunch of this from an old project:

I'm thinking of using it for RCA runs from my head unit to the back of the car. Do you think I can get two RCA's off of each cable and just use some aluminum shielding for the wire that splits off from the braid?

just looking at getting the wiring a bit lower profile over thicker RCA wires.
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Star quad is commonly used for DIY interconnects. You can make a stereo pair of interconnects with one star quad. You'd have a + and - for L and R and then for the shield you would split the braided shield and connect that to your connector housing. Whether you ground the shield only on one side of the cable, or both, or not at all is up to you. There seems to be some differing opinions on what is the best method. When I did mine, I grounded the shield on only one side and floated the other. I used Mogami mic cable which is very similar and also found on that same website.
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