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trying to model my sub. first time using winisd. i have the spec sheet that came with my subs. but can't figure out what these are.
what are these measurements below ?? they aren't on the spec sheet
Re ohm
Z ohm
Pe W
thanks for the info

these are the specs i have
Vc impedance 4+4 ohm
Test impedance 1.6 ohm
Fs (hz) 27
Sd (sqCm). 824.5
Vas (ltr). 115.1
Cms. 116.8
Mms. 298.7
BL 11.54
Qms. 2.53
Qes. .55
Qts. .45
No (%). .39
Spl (db). 93
Xmax. 14
Voice coil inches. 2.5
Freq response (hz). 23-400
Motor structure. 312 oz
Mounting depth. 8.26
Power (rms-peak). 600/1200

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Re is the actual DC resistance of the voice coil.

Le is the voice coil inductance and it will differ based on frequency when measured.

Z ohm would be the impedance of the driver. I believe this is the one that is usually the standard 2, 4, 8, etc etc.

Pe W would be the power rating of the driver in RMS.

Based off the T/S parameters listed, it'd be as follows;

Re = 1.6 (coils in parallel)
Le = unlisted
Z = 2 ohms (coils wired in parallel)
Pe W = 600RMS
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