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Winter meet... Feb 4th - Pulaski, VA

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Setting up a small (although no actual limit) meet for February 4th in Pulaski. The park itself is located 5 minutes from I-81, address 5100 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084. In February, we'll have no issues using the big shelter and having power available. Plenty of hotels right off the interstate.

I'll likely plan to head down Friday afternoon, potentially dinner at Als on First, then Saturday at the park. Bearing in mind it'll likely be pretty chilly, but so far, the weather has been good. So you'll want to bring warm clothing. We've had a winter meet twice I believe, both times the sun was shining.

1) Ian - Volvo V60 - VA
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Dang it Ian… why you gotta tempt me?
I thought you would prefer a shorter drive than heading all the way up here :cool:
It's not so much about what everyone brings as it is about getting together again and catching up.
100% this... I'm looking forward to catching up with friends above all else. Probably going to book a hotel later this week, aiming to head down sometime Friday.
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3 and a half weeks out, so far at least, the weather is looking reasonably promising!

I'm resisting any urge to mess with a current tune before getting feedback on it.
I vote to leave it be. Jeff fixed my tune so I'm eager to have more people listen before I gut the sunovabitch
You're gutting it? I thought you'd just put that in there! I'll be looking forward to a listen. Let me know when you plan to head down, if you're coming past this way we can meet up and head down together (depending if you're heading down Friday or Saturday).

I'm definitely leaving mine as is, if I get time I may try setting up another preset, but that's unlikely. Especially as I'm happy with this tune.

I guess we will likely grab dinner downtown at Al’s on Main again - hopefully there hasn’t been a drop in quality.
I figure we'll meet at Al's on Friday evening, maybe Waffle House on Saturday morning. I'll get with you closer to the date to figure out a time.
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Plan now is to pull the engine for a tear down to replace injectors and do a full carbon clean. Still don't know if that will fix the issue. Will do other maintenance and inspect turbos while it's pulled, so the car will be out of commission for a while as none of the area performance shops (I called some backups) can get me in for a couple weeks.
You'll be missed! That stinks to hear about the engine. Hopefully pulling it and getting all that done ends up with it running reliably, not like you'll have a ton of other options if it doesn't fix it.

Doing some searching it sounds like a fairly common problem on the 4.0T, but no definitive fix that I could see. Everything listed from spark plug gaps to oil separator to turbo to PCV issues. Will keep me fingers crossed for you.

I'd love some more time if you're available. I'll reach out to you so we can figure out what weekend you're free.
Let me know when you guys decide to do this, depending when and where I may head out to hang out.
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What do you do for heat outside in February?
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I don't think so, these winter meets we've had have been fairly low key type of things. There's enough spots nearby to grab lunch etc.
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That's likely the same place I'll be staying as well as I believe a couple others.
It'll be good to see you if you're able to head down 👍
While I am enjoying it, and it sounds really good, it only has crossovers & time delay set. It sounds good, but there’s definite potential.
If your make it, there might be enough people there someone can help you with tuning. The last couple meets we've had this time of year have been a fairly low turnout (this one is looking like the biggest yet, which is great) which has meant longer demos and time to work on tuning if needed.
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Awesome, looking forward to checking out the new ride.
At this rate we should ask for a group discount there 🤣
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That's cool that they're both coming up as well 👍
Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the Jackson Inn in Pulaski? Rates are less than Hampton...about an 8 mile ride from the park apparently. I'm thinking I'll try to come down Friday and do the whole experience this time around (dinner and all of that)...not the most comfortable social guy but it seems like it will be cool.
Never heard of that hotel, but it's literally almost next door to where we plan to have dinner. Come down Friday, dinners always a great time. I booked the day off work, if you want we can meet up somewhere and convoy down. I'm also not exactly the most comfortable person in social settings, takes a lot for me to not just sit silently! But this group of guys are really easy to be around which is why I count all of them, including you, as friends.

And nothing compares to quattro.
That A4 Avant is a beast in snow. About 10 years or so ago, I was at work and it started snowing, heavily. I'm 45 minutes from home in clear weather. Leave work and it's already covering the roads, but, I'm stubborn so figure I don't want to be stuck at work in going home. I'm also on all season tires.

I think it took me about 2 hours, by the time I hit the road headed to my house (the winding one), I'd probably passed half a dozen cars stuck, had to stop twice to clear snow and ice from the windshield, on that last road, the snow was piling up the bumper started acting like a snow plow.

That Avant.... 😎

Zero issues. Gave it a little pat on the hood after putting into the garage.
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Yeah from here I'll head to I81 via New Market and down.

Actually your post made me think of something.... I know we're planning dinner at Al's on First, but what time? Say 6pm? We'll likely be there a good couple hours for those who won't be there right at 6.
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Also… I’m also coming down I81 and was planning on being there sometime between 3-5ish (I just haven’t decided a departure time yet). If anyone wants to convoy/meet up, let me know.
I'll let you know in a few days, not sure what time I'm leaving the house yet, if it works out though we can meet at that same gas station in New Market right off 81.
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Is anybody staying two nights? If so I may ditch him and stay two nights.
I think Nick is staying Friday and Saturday night, not sure who else might be. I'm just staying Friday and headed home Saturday sometime.
I'm Friday to Saturday. I also checked the weather like I'm sure most of you have and it's going to be nice and cold lol.
I'm hopeful that it improves at least a little, a few days ago I looked and it was speeding like 44° now it's showing 32°...

I plan on bringing a propane heater. Maybe somebody can bring an extra propane tank.
I'll try to remember to bring a tank, I've got a 20lb one that should be almost full.
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Proof that the Google knows everything happening on your browser...this just popped up in my YouTube feed.
Oh I've had the old lady cameltoe pop up on my Instagram feed. It was odd to see it and think "I recognize that" 🤣
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