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Winter meet... Feb 4th - Pulaski, VA

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Setting up a small (although no actual limit) meet for February 4th in Pulaski. The park itself is located 5 minutes from I-81, address 5100 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084. In February, we'll have no issues using the big shelter and having power available. Plenty of hotels right off the interstate.

I'll likely plan to head down Friday afternoon, potentially dinner at Als on First, then Saturday at the park. Bearing in mind it'll likely be pretty chilly, but so far, the weather has been good. So you'll want to bring warm clothing. We've had a winter meet twice I believe, both times the sun was shining.

1) Ian - Volvo V60 - VA
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My tune has been tweaked a bit since Sept, too, but I'm definitely out as of today.

Engine started misfiring before Christmas and I took it in for a major service interval...this car's spark plugs have never made a full major service interval before causing misfires, though this time was close to half the usual mileage from a set of plugs. The plug on cylinder 3 has always been fouled during changes and the shop and i agreed to try some MacGyver stuff to the offending cylinder's fuel injector to clear carbon fouling they saw when they scoped it hoping the problem was a weak or poor spray. They were able to impressively clean the injector (while installed), but it didn't work as we had hoped. Cylinder 3 is still throwing the code.

Plan now is to pull the engine for a tear down to replace injectors and do a full carbon clean. Still don't know if that will fix the issue. Will do other maintenance and inspect turbos while it's pulled, so the car will be out of commission for a while as none of the area performance shops (I called some backups) can get me in for a couple weeks.

PCV was changed a few thousand miles ago when Audi dealer performed the oil screen recall and I replaced the coil packs myself about 25K miles ago during my last spark plug change. Compression test was great and fuel pressure tested properly. If anyone has thoughts, I'm out of ideas and done searching the web.

Kris, let me know if you want some more REW time before the meet. Maybe we can address a few things we ran out of time on.
Ouch, I know where you can get a great stage 2, 3.0t motor:unsure:
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What hotels are people liking.
I booked the hampton inn yesterday. Still not sure if Im going but can cancel up to thursday. will likely have a stock sound system in the sq5 but may get some good ideas.
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11.5 hours
Damn, I have to bail. Looks like a great turn out for middle of winter. :(
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Funny conversation yesterday. My wife and son are coming with me to the meet. She says "we can take my Jeep Grand Cherokee (2WD) if it snows" and I said "we'll actually be safer in my Audi with all-wheel-drive." And of course we would need to show up in the Audi anyway for the audio portion. Her Jeep doesn't have the SI treatment yet. ...yet.
So the jeep gets two 24” ib’s. Or you could just tow the SI trailer behind it.
i just love flying by 4x4 suvs and pickups in the snow. They think cause they have 4 wheel drive they dont need snow tires. And nothing compares to quattro.
I‘m pretty bummed that Im not coming down, looks like a bigger group than sept. But while you people are mingling I will be building a spare tires enclosure for my bm.
I recall an alternator issue the last meeting.
C'mon man, don't rub salt in the wound.
Sorry, didnt know they were related.
Yeah, some of us are wanting to make plans 🤣👍
Yes, Im waiting to plan a mini holiday around the meet.
Snow Car Land vehicle Vehicle Tire

one would think this is a good time to go to southern Va. but damn, this is Audi weather.
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Does this mean your back in?
Unfortunately no, but I did pick up my SI bm today so can work on box
All the best, we all go through it but its no easier when its your turn.
Too much sharing
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I’m getting -30 friday and and -20 saturday. Hope it doesnt get that far south
Enjoy the gtg and be thankful your not up here
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For your breakfast discussion.
right now -27F tomorrow +36F.
my dog who loves snow wont even go out.
Looking forward to the may gtg.
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I just got home after a long drive. I’ll post some overall thoughts tomorrow but for now I’ll just say I’m glad I made the trip. The cold didn’t bother me much and I was grateful for the conversations & laughs. More details tomorrow.

A special thanks to the guys at dinner (and later) that helped me through my odd “episode”. I’m extremely grateful and it’s good to know I was in good hands.
Dude, my medical wheels are spinning, dont leave us hanging. Choking, allergic reaction, cut your finger off. whats the deal. Glad your ok though.
when we fly my wife always says, “dont tell anyone Im a nurse”.
Ok, I read the first two sentences.
I had it twice. I lost all memory of the day both times. obviously you remembered the cars u listened to or the weekend would have been a waste.
I’ll tell u the long version in May, funny as hell.
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I’ve had this happen three times. Now I have a name for it.
Thats crazy, First time it happened to me my wife thought I was having a stroke so ambulance rushed me to the hospital. After I started remembering things the neurologist said if this happens again come right here cause u are having a stoke. TGA only happens once. This past summer it happened again. Doc said yes once and a while you can have it twice. Damn now have have to look forward to it again.
Todd- "I don't remember where I'm at. This has never happened before."
Me- "How do you know it hasn't happened? Maybe it happens all the time...and you just don't remember it 😈"
Todd- "Thanks, Al 🙄"
oh fu!? Thats funny. Im sharing this with my wife. She reminded me my 2 nd episode happened 2 wks before naiku’s sept gtg. she was worried it might happen while I was down there.
so now I know 3 people who have had this. I wonder if its an SQ thing.
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