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Winter meet... Feb 4th - Pulaski, VA

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Setting up a small (although no actual limit) meet for February 4th in Pulaski. The park itself is located 5 minutes from I-81, address 5100 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084. In February, we'll have no issues using the big shelter and having power available. Plenty of hotels right off the interstate.

I'll likely plan to head down Friday afternoon, potentially dinner at Als on First, then Saturday at the park. Bearing in mind it'll likely be pretty chilly, but so far, the weather has been good. So you'll want to bring warm clothing. We've had a winter meet twice I believe, both times the sun was shining.

1) Ian - Volvo V60 - VA
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Commenting to also be on the radar.
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I may make this one. Missed the last gathering partially because my redo install was far from complete (I am still working on it). 3 months into this thing….smh
Looking at your equipment list....I'd love to hear what you come up with.
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3 and a half weeks out, so far at least, the weather is looking reasonably promising!

I'm resisting any urge to mess with a current tune before getting feedback on it.
I vote to leave it be. Jeff fixed my tune so I'm eager to have more people listen before I gut the sunovabitch
You're gutting it? I thought you'd just put that in there! I'll be looking forward to a listen. Let me know when you plan to head down, if you're coming past this way we can meet up and head down together (depending if you're heading down Friday or Saturday).

I'm definitely leaving mine as is, if I get time I may try setting up another preset, but that's unlikely. Especially as I'm happy with this tune.

I figure we'll meet at Al's on Friday evening, maybe Waffle House on Saturday morning. I'll get with you closer to the date to figure out a time.
It feels like I'm gutting it, I'm overstating it a bit but you'll know what I'm thinking when I have a chance to speak to you in person. I'm heading down Saturday morning...going to make it a daytrip most likely as I'm want to do.
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My tune has been tweaked a bit since Sept, too, but I'm definitely out as of today.

Engine started misfiring before Christmas and I took it in for a major service interval...this car's spark plugs have never made a full major service interval before causing misfires, though this time was close to half the usual mileage from a set of plugs. The plug on cylinder 3 has always been fouled during changes and the shop and i agreed to try some MacGyver stuff to the offending cylinder's fuel injector to clear carbon fouling they saw when they scoped it hoping the problem was a weak or poor spray. They were able to impressively clean the injector (while installed), but it didn't work as we had hoped. Cylinder 3 is still throwing the code.

Plan now is to pull the engine for a tear down to replace injectors and do a full carbon clean. Still don't know if that will fix the issue. Will do other maintenance and inspect turbos while it's pulled, so the car will be out of commission for a while as none of the area performance shops (I called some backups) can get me in for a couple weeks.

PCV was changed a few thousand miles ago when Audi dealer performed the oil screen recall and I replaced the coil packs myself about 25K miles ago during my last spark plug change. Compression test was great and fuel pressure tested properly. If anyone has thoughts, I'm out of ideas and done searching the web.

Kris, let me know if you want some more REW time before the meet. Maybe we can address a few things we ran out of time on.
That suuucckkss to hear about the car. I hope they can get you in sooner so that bad boy can be back on the road again soon.

I'd love some more time if you're available. I'll reach out to you so we can figure out what weekend you're free.
I’m back to a maybe. I’m trying to get my wife to take the kid to the concert so I can go to this. I should know by this weekend.
Hope so....i want to hear your Avalon now.
While I am enjoying it, and it sounds really good, it only has crossovers & time delay set. It sounds good, but there’s definite potential.
My ears won't know the difference coming from my car but I feel you. I'm going to hopefully meet up with Jeff for another session to continue cleaning mine up. It sounds 1000x better than Ian's meet
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I'm pretty sure I can make it. Twins have a sweet 16 and Jillian has concert tickets so it'll be a solo drive.
hopefully i can hear your car this time
Booked at the Hampton.

Bringing the toaster with all of the stuff in it that doesn't work for SQ. :ROFLMAO:
I may get a room for Saturday night. How many of you are leaving Saturday?
Hampton it is...
hhheeeyyy, i was hoping you might make it
...on second thought...
oh you know that this is more incentive for you to load up and head north. Don't be like that
Maybe I'll be able to get this installed beforehand

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you're running a SALT?
Has anyone heard anything good or bad about the Jackson Inn in Pulaski? Rates are less than Hampton...about an 8 mile ride from the park apparently. I'm thinking I'll try to come down Friday and do the whole experience this time around (dinner and all of that)...not the most comfortable social guy but it seems like it will be cool.
Never heard of that hotel, but it's literally almost next door to where we plan to have dinner. Come down Friday, dinners always a great time. I booked the day off work, if you want we can meet up somewhere and convoy down. I'm also not exactly the most comfortable person in social settings, takes a lot for me to not just sit silently! But this group of guys are really easy to be around which is why I count all of them, including you, as friends.
Thanks for that Ian, means a lot.
You'll likely get a head start from your location since it looked like it was a straight shot for you as opposed to me having to head west then south from where I work.
Room is booked, likely heading from work after a half a day...should touch down around check in time.
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I'm Friday to Saturday. I also checked the weather like I'm sure most of you have and it's going to be nice and cold lol.
Oddly enough I'm less interested in any tuning being done for me.....especially being that i'm going to be redoing a majority of it; I'm more interested in sharing ideas with the guys...maybe at the dinner table and carrying it over to the actual meet...and receiving some insight into what I'm thinking of doing and helping me shape the idea into something that could work. I'm excited about the guest list so far and hope that it can hold tight until the day of....I know things happen but I'm hoping none of us have to back out and the ones who had to can maybe work some things out and make their way out.

Re-read this and it's very verbose, lol.
I'll be selling insulated SQ bags to put over your head, if anybody is interested. Monogramming is $10 extra
That's an impressive hustle.
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Hoping the weather doesn't get worse, depending where I look I see snow Thursday, but no indication of how much, or up to an inch of snow Friday with temp close to 40° Saturday.

I'm going to hope any snow is minimal and Thursday.
Yeah i saw the's an interesting pattern of weather that i saw last week. Snow leading up to and through Friday...then nothing Saturday and Sunday...then another system moving through after the week.
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