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Winter meet... Feb 4th - Pulaski, VA

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Setting up a small (although no actual limit) meet for February 4th in Pulaski. The park itself is located 5 minutes from I-81, address 5100 Alexander Rd, Dublin, VA 24084. In February, we'll have no issues using the big shelter and having power available. Plenty of hotels right off the interstate.

I'll likely plan to head down Friday afternoon, potentially dinner at Als on First, then Saturday at the park. Bearing in mind it'll likely be pretty chilly, but so far, the weather has been good. So you'll want to bring warm clothing. We've had a winter meet twice I believe, both times the sun was shining.

1) Ian - Volvo V60 - VA
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Booked at the Hampton.

Bringing the toaster with all of the stuff in it that doesn't work for SQ. :ROFLMAO:
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YAY!!! I’ve been looking forward to hearing this. You still up for doing a tune?

And it looks like I’ll probably burn a vacation day so I will be down in time for dinner Friday. Planning on getting there about 4-4:30ish. Maybe sooner if I feel like hitting the road earlier.
Yeah, I'll bring the gear.

Tune Saturday.
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I'll be there with the Audi. Just booked a reservation at the Hampton Inn for the weekend.
*kicks dirt

Welp, there goes the neighborhood.

*grumble, grumble

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At this rate we should ask for a group discount there 🤣
The smart thing is to split/share rooms.
I’m out. Will be at Bertholomy’s next one.

Hit a nasty pothole and broke an air ride sensor arm.

Stuck driving the Chevelle as a daily.
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I recall an alternator issue the last meeting.
Yeah, the stock alternator went out. Considering it's a 2004 and I've been running dual air compressors and the audio system off it, it went out a trooper.

A larger alternator came in from JS Alternators and that's when I found that one of the ears on the factory alternator had been broken at some point in the past. Looked like someone over-torqued it.

I went to the junkyard yesterday, hit a nasty pothole, and broke a sensor arm for the air ride system. If I don't get the replacement in time, I'm out.

So yeah, as of now I'm out. If it comes in time I'll be there.
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Just CNC one out of MDF and cover in bedliner
Or...3D printer. Or take another off and copy it in ABS.

Working on it now.
If you're serious, you could actually mill some aluminum
That (and 1/8" steel) was also a thought.
Does this mean your back in?
Seems so. Got an arm and it’s on, but I also noticed that the actual sensor housing is cracked.:rolleyes: You can see it where plug comes into the unit in the above photo.

So that’s on the way along with two arms.

Currently have it back on the ground and I recalibrated the system. Going to cross my fingers and take the boy to a hearing appointment in it.


In town and everything is working.
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Well, air ride seems fixed (as long as the cracked sensor holds up) so I did a quick re-tune tonight.

I’m still not 100% sold on the Dirac units. Part of it is cool, part of it is a PITA.

Anyway, here’s a couple of videos from this evening. Funny seeing those TM65s do their thing in the dash.

Oh…and the meet is NEXT weekend. 🤦‍♂️

For some-odd reason I thought it was this weekend. 😐

Anyway, looks like I should be there so you guys can see/hear how poorly this odd-ass setup works.
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Looking forward to checking it out, last time I saw it was Hickory last year when it was still right at the beginning of the process.
That was the 2-way setup.

This one is the 3-way so I’ve obviously done more wrong since then. If the internet is correct, it should be much worse. 😂
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Oh, it'll sound terrible then, especially if the Internet has spoken.
Oh, it’s going to totally suck.

I suggest earmuffs not due to the cold, but the way it’s going to sound.

Earplugs too. Can’t be too careful. Double up.

The SPL side of it is a riot. I need a lot of reinforcement and sound treatment.
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I got a call at 3:45 Sunday morning. Dad passed.

I’m currently in Kentucky with my brother working through everything.
Thanks, guys.

Looks like I’ll end up with his truck. Debating making the trip to take a break from stuff here. I’m currently on a 35-hour stretch of no sleep. Going to get a quick nap and then get back at it. There’s a lot to and it’s it’s just the two of us to do it.
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I forgot to take pics. Was good to get out and see everyone with what’s been going on this week. Was a much needed mental break.

The box is FAR from done, but I drove it so people could hear the beginnings of the SQ build.

Had a good time BSing and listening to cars.

Tuning at Bertholomy’s in May
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I know I told some of you I was heading back to KY…that didn’t happen.

Wife was driving dad’s truck back to GA and it went into limp mode in NC.

So…more driving.
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Man - you can’t seem to catch a break. I hope everything works out.

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Currently headed back to KY.
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Still traveling.

Heading back to Kentucky didn’t work out. Wife was taking dad’s truck back to GA and the trans started acting up at Maggie Valley.

So I diverted to Maggie Valley, caught about 1/2hr of sleep, and met a couple of friends from GA there. They’re getting the truck back to GA and I’m still on the road.

Currently stopped at Buc-ee’s.

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Dude! The Box is insane!! I am going to be telling stories about your demo for months 10 awg Power FTW :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO: I can not wait until you complete your vision for this thing.

BTW, my old brain can't remember those bass tracks you used so a lil help please lol
The little xB isn’t perfect by any means, but it’s enjoyable with as little effort as I’ve put into it.

It’s literally ALL of the things that shouldn’t work. The parallel 6th is the most impressive for me. Bo asked if the sub was even on because it blended so well with the front. I switched tracks to Jelly Roll’s “Creature” to show him it was indeed on at the same sub level.

That 10AWG power cable powering the whole system is the special ingredient. 😂

I’ll change that one day. When I get fabrication going.

Ian is right about the tracks being DJ Russticals. I’ll drop links to a couple of tracks when I’m not on the road.
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Just googled it & found this…
“Transient global amnesia is an episode of confusion that comes on suddenly in a person who is otherwise alert. This confused state isn't caused by a more common neurological condition, such as epilepsy or stroke.

During an episode of transient global amnesia, a person is unable to create new memory, so the memory of recent events disappears. You can't remember where you are or how you got there. You may not remember anything about what's happening right now.”

This is EXACTLY what happened. Scared the HELL outta me.

Thanks for the help. OK, back on topic…

I’ve had this happen three times. Now I have a name for it.
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