I have a couple items for sale that I want to get rid of to support my new upgrades. Everything is very well taken care of and like new unless described. If you are in the Sacramento area we can meet locally!


STREETWIRES CBR44M Distribution Block
- Missing the ground 0-gauge connector, 6/10 condition. ($65 shipped)

Infinity Kappa One Mono Amp
- mint condition, comes with all original packaging/accessories. ($140 shipped)

Adire Audio KH501 D2 12" Subwoofer
- Great sub. Was dropped by fedex but it only bent the rim, it sealed up and bent back fine after mounting in box. Mint condition besides some foam gasket on the underside ($70 plus shipping)

Fi Audio N.7 midbass
- Pulled these out to try something else. Ran for the last 6 months. Very solid non fatiguing sound, with above average midbass compared with other speakers I've used. 8.5/10 cond. ($80 shipped)

JBL 2118J 16ohm midrange/midbass -
Bought these a loooong time ago to recone to 4 ohms, never got around to it. In very good physical condition, one speaker has coil scratch, the other plays fine. (send me offers)

Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection D2 12" Subwoofer
- A very beautifully built (in USA), quality SQL sub. Underrated power handling (1000watts), and VERY long wait time to get. BNIB ($250 plus shipping)

I take paypal/venmo/cashapp just cover the fees. Thanks for looking!