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As others have already stated multiple times, you really need multiple layers of actual fiberglass material to make these pods as strong and non-resonant as possible. It might not seem like there is that much energy created by the midrange driver, but sealed, spherical pods such as these will ring, sing, and resonate like crazy. And don't even try to play them anywhere near their Fs. If you stick with these pods, definitely line them with a thick milkshake and good CLD, then stuff them with plenty of polyfill or natural lambswool batting (my personal preference).

Using lots & lots of small, pre-prepared "patches" of fiberglass mat (not woven cloth) that are applied in a random overlapping method will give you the best results on spheres and surfaces with tight, compound radius curves.

But since you're doing fiberglass fabrication anyway, why not just build them into the Sail Panels or A-pillars?

Using spherical pods in a vehicle aren't as advantageous as many think. You would probably be better off using triangular, wedge-shaped enclosures that are placed on top of the dash in the extreme left and right corners and right up against the windshield with the least amount of bezels or surrounding baffles as possible.

In addition, this will nearly always result in a "free" boost in the low-end response from the midrange drivers due to the corner boundary loading, so you are less apt to need to cross them quite as low and drive them to their limits & significant distortion.

And due to how far the spherical pods will project into or towards the center of the dash and away from the A-pillars, you shouldn't lose any soundstage width by using the corner dash-top enclosures instead.

1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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