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Would you pay $765 for this driver?

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SEAS Exotic W8 X2-08, 8" Woofer - Alnico Magnet from Madisound

Ok, it's a dumb question because I doubt anyone would, but more to the point, would you even pay $200? The frequency response looks pretty ragged. It's not really good as a woofer. It's not really good as a midrange. What the hell is this good for?

Do all the intangibles that they mention really make up for a lackluster frequency response? Could it be that this driver really does have pixie dust that makes it perform better than it appears???

Talk amongst yourselves...
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I wouldn't pay $765 for any driver, even if it had the pixie dust and guranteed eSSQue.
...and how can they possibly recommend this crossed as low as 30hz??? Is that a joke?

Maybe I need to run it in winISD and see if you can make it work.
Maybe usable as a home audio driver. FR isn't that wacky until above 3k.

Maybe it would be ok in a large ported cabinet for home use.

I like the current price though. $765 seemed ludicrous to me. :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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