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Would you put these Alpine Alpine S-S65 speakers in a sealed, ported, or open air box?

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I'm working on a small project and building a home boom box using car audio speakers. I have an audiopipe 8" sub that I'll put in a ported box. I also have two Alpine S-S65 6.5" coaxial speakers that I'd like to use for mids and highs. The spec sheet doesn't have qts, vas, fs and I've contacted Alpine but they don't have that info. I'm having a hard time determining how to get the best performance out of them. A Taramps DS 250x2 at 4ohm will be pushing 80w RMS to each. Since I have the sub for lower base I would like to use the Alpines more for mid base, mids, and high tones. Here is what I'm considering:

1. Sealed box

2. Ported box

3. Box with the back fully open. This way they are acting as if they have an infinate baffle but the front and back of speaker are separated

I don't have a lot of space so would like to keep the box size for both down to around 1 -1.5 cu ft. Any thoughts?
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Thanks much! I contacted Alpine twice and they said the ts numbers weren't available. I wonder how they got these?
T/S parameters can be measured with one of these (or the like):

You can download WinISD modeling software for free here:
Good luck with your project. Sounds interesting and fun. I have a few car-audio-based audio projects that I built several years ago and still use on a regular basis.

If you can find and post the T/S parameters, I'll be happy to model them in WinISD and the post results here.
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