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anyone have a pair. perfer for 6.5 components. also 5-speed tranny
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Yup, I got a pair that look perfect. Have grills, screws, poly fill and the speaker mounting face has been dampened with a custom 1/8" neoprene gasket.

I'll even through in some sound deadener that you can stick to the inside of them...really make them dense. Can't recall the name brand but think its raamat.

Would you like pics? $100 plus split ship sound fair?
Probably not interested, but I have a pair of oem panels, dark gray. I had intented to build a set of custom kicks for my 2000 Civic SI. Sold the car 4 years ago.
not looking for stock kick panel. need some to put some components in. thanks for the reply. still looking...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts