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hi, i have a set of the spx17m 2ways. these are 6.5in midbass, 28mm tweets, very nice passive networks with tons of possible set ups. it list meny different speaker placment set ups in the manuls. there a few years old but in prity good of the tweeters has some super glue spilled on the back side. wont affect the sound. maybe a few minor scratches ect.
but overall there in good cond. (you can ck my seller feedback from mike hall, i sold him some dyn's.) these are nice sounding comp.i just moved on to more exp. speakers as a lot of us do. i have the boxes,manules ect. they were sold as a single chanel set. so you could buy just one if you were doing a center chanel ect. so i have two single chanel sets. im asking 200.00$ shiped to your door. i have pics if you want to see. if these would fit what your looking for e-mail me ([email protected])
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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