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Hey folks:

Looking to buy ESX Q series amps.

Looking for a good deal on ribbons or horns (CD2 pro mylars are what I'd be looking for if I went horns). For ribbons, I'm really considering the LCY's cause of their vertical dispersion...seems to be an easier install.

Possibly a high end midrange driver such as Seas Excel
Midbass like IDQ 8 or RE xxx 6.5

Lemme know what you got, condition, and prices

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If you are looking for HLCD's and want 90% of the performance of the TAD 2002 check out the Radian 475pb (some actually like it better than the TAD) they sell for 170.00 a piece but I think you would like them more than the ID CD2 mylar's. The TAD's are about 1,200 a piece
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