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WTB: JL 300/2 or 500/1 v1 silver case

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Ok, so the seller of the 300/2 I bought kinda sketched out. He sent my money back (paypaled) and said something about paypal not transferring the funds to him or whatnot. Anyway, I tried to figure out another way to pay him for about a week, but he doesn't communicate well and I am losing trust. I would rather just pay $20 more dollars and feel comfortable then save the money and get screwed. So, as the title states, I need a JL 300/2 or 500/1 v1 with the silver casing only. I already have the matching 300/4 and don't have any other options. Thanks a lot.

Please PM me any offers
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I don't mean to hijack your thread but.....

If anyone has a good used JL 500/1 amplifier in silver they would like to sell send me a PM as I have been trying to find one for a while now but don't have 50 postings yet so I can't start my own thread on the topic.
I had purchased one off of a member but it apparently "got lost in the mail" my money was refunded via Paypal for the transaction or lack there of:)
I reside on Ontario, Canada.

Thanks again and sorry for the hijack!!
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