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WTB: Morel mt23 tweeters

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I need a pair... the title is misleading.

I’ve got a couple tweeters I want to try and this is one of them. I can get them from my dealer for a good price, but since money is pretty tight right now, I thought I’d check here to see if anyone had a used set they were looking to sale first.

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and again.
i might have some, will need to double check. I either have 22's or 23's. I cant remember.
take 4?
I got mine on fleabay I think 232.00 shipped. I made him an offer and thats what I paid. Shipping was high I thought but they arrived from Israel quickly.
Yeah. Shipping is a bit much. We can't agree on a price. ;)
Unhappy with the scan speak tweets?
no. long story. i'm just looking for other options.
How is the build going? Just wondering after hours reading your thread. I watched you change you system multiple times. I have been working on my 2004 ranger (build threads) not exactly a sound q vehicle, but it will have some nice equipment in it. I have been changing my mind as I build about a million times. I wonder what speakers will work best what amp will work best and after hatching a new idea after hours it is scrapped in seconds.
build is on hold. hopefully can get sound in the car this weekend. no pretty wiring; just ugly crap that works.

i'll overhaul the wiring this summer when I have the time to do it.
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