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WTB: Shiva X2, 1/0 OFC cables, 12 Ga speaker wire, Binding Posts

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Just trying to collect the last few pieces for my build. Looking for the following:

  • Exodus Shiva X2 12" Subwoofer - must be in very good condition. No box.
  • 1/0 gauge (AWG) cables - must be OFC, high strand count, and a reputable brand. Need roughly 20, maybe 25' total.
  • 12 gauge (AWG) speaker wire - again, must be OFC and of a reputable brand. 50' or so should suffice.
  • Binding posts - something gold plated that would be easy to make an airtight seal by drilling directly through a contoured fiberglass box. So needs to go through a circular opening - nothing oval/rectanguar/complex. Dayton comes to mind. Nothing spring-loaded.

Posting from work, so need this disclaimer:
"The views expressed here are mine and do not reflect the official opinion of my employer or the organization through which the Internet was accessed."

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Are you still looking?
I have one that's been sitting in my room in it's original shipping box, brand new...
Might be tempted to sell it.
My mistake, just looked at it.
It is an X, not an X2. X2 came out after I ordered the Shiva X.
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