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WTB: TS-C720PRS and/or SPX-177A/R or SPX-17PRO

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I'm helping a friend put a setup together. Sure enough, 3 weeks after I sell my 720s, he wants "those speakers you had in your Altima." :D He has also heard both pairs of SPX as I have had them in different installs and would be okay with those as well. He is not a member here, but a close friend and I will be handling the transaction. I have an idea of what each set is worth, so shoot me a PM or post here with pics. Shipping zip is 85201. Not so much of a budget as long as the equipment is appropriately priced. Thanks.

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You should talk him into my horns instead.
Tell him he is a chicken, and that my horns are too good for him. Then he'll definitely want to buy them!
1 - 2 of 6 Posts