Benchmade Autocrat.
lite wear mostly on the finger stud.
edge needs honed as the shop that sharpened it put too much angle on it and its has micro chips on the fine edge.
I know its the real deal as i bought it from an authorized benchmade store.
no box, but will be safe the way i ship.
$400 cash.
Trades im interested in AC matrix,Epicenter micro or hit me up with offers as i dont know what i want beyond that.
mono block amps over 2k watts
SMD amm1 basically a portable amp dyno.
no multi channel amps or batteries. Other usefull items like bluetooth battery monitors.
just send me messages and ill take them in order i get them.
posting here dont count as i cant figure out the order people give me offers.
$ is paypal only.
Handwriting Font Auto part Wood Rectangle

Electric blue Fashion accessory Auto part Carbon Font

Automotive tire Bicycle wheel rim Rim Bicycle part Eyewear

Rectangle Font Electric blue Auto part Metal

Bumper Rim Automotive exterior Eyewear Tints and shades

Automotive parking light Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Bumper

Automotive tire Automotive exterior Bumper Tire Eyewear

Electric blue Auto part Rim Fashion accessory Metal

Tire Automotive tire Synthetic rubber Bicycle part Tread