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I Didn't see anything about offering up trading non-auto gear for some auto stereo equipment in the rules, but if I'm out of line please let me know.

I'm looking to trade the speakers toward an amp to run CDT 3-ways, either 2-channel or 4 channel bridgeable. I'm also open to a 5-channel to run my whole system or a decent HU such as a Pioneer 880 or 800. May also be open to an Alpine 9887. Things I don't need are subs or speakers at this point. Other than than, offer away. If you just want to buy them outright, looking for $300 including the stands.

Willing to travel 150 miles from Chicago for the right deal. Sorry, but I won't ship the speakers.

The history behind this company can be found here: Phase Technology

I have for sale 2 tower (Teatro 7.5 VDT), 2 bookshelf (Teatro 4.5 VDT) and 1 center channel (Teatro 6.5 VDT). These were the first home theater speakers manufactured under the Phase Technology name and have the vapor deposited titanium (VDT) coating on the drivers. I'm also throwing in the stands for the bookshelf speakers, made by Omni Mount.

The Teatro 7.5 VDT are 1” tweeters with 6 ½” mid’s.
The Teatro 4.5 VDT are 1” tweeters with 5 ¼” mids.
The Teatro 6.6 VDT is a 1” tweeter with 2x 5 ¼” mids.

Physically, I'd rate them a 6/10 with obvious nicks and 1-2 small "dents" in the cabinets. The drivers are perfect. The tower speakers do not have the front grills, when I bought them used the former owner had lost them. I've never used grills on my front speakers so it didn't bother me. I've included close-up pictures of the damaged areas; the center is missing a small piece of veneer towards the very bottom, on of the towers has several scratches on the top near the front, and one of the bookshelfs took a spill when my dog ran into the stand and knocked it over onto a corner which pushed the corner of the cabinet in.

Sonically, they are a 9/10. I've had zero issues and think they sound great. These speakers are a great value for the money, and were considered such from day one. Here are several reviews extolling the virtues of the Teatro line from Phase Technology:

Home Theater: Face Off: Front and Center

Phase Technology Teatro 7.5. | Full text Audio & Video Equipment Mfg articles from leading publications on

These all come from a smoke free home.


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