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Product Brand & Model:
Rockford Fosgate 450.4

Condition of all items:
Looks OK, scratch on the top, bit of paint worn off the corners, but other than that looks decent.

Total Price: :

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USPS Priority

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Additional info:
Just got this as a trade on a head unit I had. Unfortunately it is way too big for where I want to put it, so I want to trade it for a smaller sized 4 channel amp, specifically an Alpine MRV-345. The Rockford is rated at 4x60W, but from what I can tell they typically bench around the 4x95W mark, this is just the amp only (no bass remote).

I am hoping someone has an MRV-F345 they can trade me, if not I will attempt to sell this first and then buy the Alpine amp.

I have not yet tested this amp, but will hook it up either Friday or Saturday to make sure it is working fine. Will update thread as soon as its tested.

Only looking to trade for the Alpine at the moment, but if someone wants to buy outright then send me over an offer.



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Connected the amp last night, working fine. Had it running my comps for a few minutes, and bridged to my sub. Plenty loud, just far too big of a footprint for me.

Ideally looking to trade for an Alpine MRV-F345, but will consider other amps that size, as long as they are rated similar power wise.

Price $120 shipped.
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