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Xtants, Mpyre, Earthquake

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Xtant amp package for sale includes:

EQ-45 - bass boost module
NGM - noise gate filter
2x 12 db low pass xover chips
1x 12 db high pass xover chip

package: $250 shipped

Mpyre M65 mids, $100 shipped brand new

Earthquake EQ-3200 for $55 shipped. used, ok condition.

Prefer discussion via pm but please post if you are interested.
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any t/s for the mpyre mids?
Can't find any but they're very similar to extremis mids.
That link for the pictures does not work.
Send me some for the earthquake eq.
bump, pm'd cutra

Woo 1k posts!
any t/s for the mpyre mids?
Here are the specs:

Patented XBL^2 Motor

Fs: 35 Hz

Qms: 2.8

Qes: 0.48

Qts: 0.41

Vas: 23 liters

Re: 3.50 Ohms

Le: .005 mH

BL: 6.13 Mms: 23 grams

Sd: 140 cm^2

Cms: 0.5 mm/N

XMAX: 13mm

XMECH: 15mm

Depth: 3 1/2"

Pwr Handling: 150WRMS

Single 4 Ohm Voice Coil

and of course

"Our 65M midbass has the presence and sound quality to make any installation sing. Based on the legendary Adire Audio Extremis only customized and stylized for the car audio environment. This is simply the most beautiful sounding midbass available, with plenty of excursion for low-end kick and an ultra flat BL curve, the 65M is the driver every car audio enthusiast has been waiting for. The 65M features XBL^2 motor technology, a vented, eight spoke European cast aluminum basket, dry carbon fiber cone, 4 layer 38mm copper voice coil using an aluminum former, stacked NEODYMIUM magnets and of course world class build quality!"
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and there you have it.

15% off until Wednesday, let me know people
New price bump:

Xtants : $200 shipped
Mpyres : $85 shipped
EQ: $40 shipped
bump for new prices

Seriously no takers?
Bump, REALLY don't want to ebay them.
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