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Ok, so Ive been looking at various HUs and at first, when I was trying to put a set-up together on paper, I originally wanted to go with an Alpine (IVA-W205 touch-screen) having read good things about Alpine's history.

Well, now I have come across many posts claiming that, for the money, Pioneer HUs are a better buy and many of the newer Alpines fall apart in no time.

I want a HU with SQ intentions, and I know many people on this forum frown upon the idea of "touch-screen HUs trying to be SQ", I guess I wanted a nice display or something like that.:D

Ive looked at some Premier Pioneer HUs and being cheaper than my initial HU choice, makes my wallet grin a little more.
Pioneer Premier DEH-P980BT is my new HU choice
Pioneer USA - Premier CD Receivers

The specs claim it has a 16-Band Graphic EQ
does anyone know if this is an actual controllable EQ or just appealing specs writing because the specs also say that there are 5 Equalizer Presets and 2 User Equalizer Settings
the specs also say it has Hi-Volt (5V) Preouts, which are the highest I have seen and I have also heard that higher Preouts allow for better, cleaner signal transfer.
Is this true? Are there benefits to higher Preouts?

This HU also has "built-in" Bluetooth which is essential to me since my vehicle is a manual transmission,
I assume and have read on other forums that "built-in" means that there is nothing to add on, unlike with Alpine, where you have to purchase another expansion pack or something.

Other appealing specs that I like are the 24-bit Burr-Brown D/A converter for CDs, Rotary Commander, and ipod connection although I would have to purchase another cable, no biggie

Anyone have any experience using/listening to the aforementioned HU?

Is there anyone who thinks I should stick to my original choice or is my new pick a turn in the right direction?

Are there any other HUs worth comparing or mentioning?

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