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Last month is was interesting seeing all the people who now have a choice to be in a warm, or A/C place still choose to live out in the street.

Now, ask yourself, if you are EVER going to give money to these people?

I'll admit, there are a few guys I do. They clean up the Parking lot of trash, and keep the place clean. A pack of Pall Mall's won't break me. Some Subway, whatever.

There are some REAL Fooked up people out there. Sure.

THEN.. There is your typical LAZY POS. The guy that found out that Drug sales are just not making ends meet today. His the guy that hangs around all night or day and his Business front is usually some convenience store.

Same with the typical people who Drugs are life. Fine. Why the hell do I have to support your habit? Get your own money!

Now the other day, two woman I should have known better then to help out, I chose too with giving their dead battery a jump. 30 Min later I'm gone. Why? Not only did she have a Bad battery, but the damn connection used a Box wrench to make the connection. Then her CAR kept rolling, lied to me about putting on her parking brake, and my ride is right there.

Both women were "I know how to do this". Okay.. Have at it.

After the one behind the wheel pinning her other freinds knee on the front bumper, and pulling her out of the way, then just brushing it off???? Then when asking the woman behind the wheel to PLEASE for the THIRD @#[email protected]# TIME to put on the parking brake gave me some smart ass lip?

Out with their jumper cables from my car. I'm gone.

I've realized that its best to simply not give a damn about many people. They put themselves in that situation, and never leave.

But the part that amazes me is that now that we have a REAL Problem that effects almost everyone? These people are still going about business as usual?

There was a Time I use to get Visibly angry when asked for money. These days? You know. I realized that its better to just simply ask "So , Do you Do Anal?" That usually ends the conversation REAL QUICK.

I once was called out on my bluff. Fine. You get $5.00 You won today my Friend. :cool:

But I have to wonder, has this changed anyone's perception of these people who are the Brain Drain of our world?
Mind you, I'm not talking about legitimate mentally ill, and people out there that REALLY got Bent over.

But as a Person who did just that? (did a documentary & book about it) I can tell you, that there is ZERO reason to have any sympathy or care for these people. You just enable them more. I have seen some SHIT and SHIT accessory out there sure, but overall, if you just stop giving into these people, everyone? It may help.

It never helps that our governments enjoy catering to these people. That needs to stop as well. It surprised me Churches are great places to buy drugs or get prostitution needs met. Odd. but true.

My question is? With the choice of people being needed to work? Are they going too? Hmm.

Well. Lets hope.


My uncle for instance, still uses coupons @ McDonalds to buy Breakfast sandwiches. It's odd. Funny when you think about it. But its just how it is.

If you want to be apart of the well to do crowd? Maybe make better life choices. Or Work 3 jobs. Whatever you need to do.

There is a Fine line between buying crap and putting away for rainy days. During this current predicament? Do you think many are going to listen?


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We become what we think about. It's that simple. :)
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