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Your best substage ever

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I'd have to say for sq mine was a pair of vented jl w7 8"s in a vented box on a jl 500/1.
Sounded amazing.
Second is the audiofrog gb 10"s I have now on 1200 watts.
My loudest by far was 2 jl w6v2 12"s in a huge vented box with a dedicated jl slash 1000/1 on each.
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JBL 1500GTi in 4cubes tuned @ 30hz powered by a Proton D275. Bliss.

I have yet to come even close to that perfection. And I have used some really nice ****.
The absolute best bass I have ever heard in a car was a pair of isobaric 1500GTi's in 3.5 cubes tuned at 37Hz.

That was 25 years ago.

I have not heard better bass since.
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"SQ is great, but sometimes nostalgia is greater" - @ErinH
Indeed 😅

I stand by it though.

Those 1500Gti's, in that large of a volume (effectively 7 cubes) had texture and detail I have never heard since.
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not going to lie, my old round solobarics in sealed boxes sounded pretty good. I have not like the sound of anything kicker made after they left those round versions
From that era, the OG Soundstream Reference 10's in a nice big ported box also sounded simply delicious.
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