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Your best substage ever

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I'd have to say for sq mine was a pair of vented jl w7 8"s in a vented box on a jl 500/1.
Sounded amazing.
Second is the audiofrog gb 10"s I have now on 1200 watts.
My loudest by far was 2 jl w6v2 12"s in a huge vented box with a dedicated jl slash 1000/1 on each.
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All depends on what you want out of your sub stage... I like my SSA X-Con ported on Mosconi Zero1 with 2400 w rms going to a sub @4 ohm,

Now is that SQ well not so much, but the sub blends so well with front stage, when comp comes yes i tune it down, and make it sing... but other than that I'm happy with it... if something happens to the sub, I don't know what I will go with next. but for sure I want the bass to feel and enjoy... SI HST-12 is in the plans.
Best sub stage ever will be. Pure IB setup ! People say you can’t hear beyond 20hz. I call it BS. I could hear till about 15hz if not lower and after that you get effect of pressure and you feel it.
Either way I came from 18” SI sub in Tru IB to 12” sealed box.
Don’t get me wrong the sql 12 gets down but it will never beat IB subwoofer ever!

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Trunk IB. 2 12" Phase Linear powered by Rockford Punch 45. Probably 25 years ago. I know nostalgia and all but I swear that was better than anything I've had since and there have been a lot.
You simply cant, can't compare any IB to regular box, or ported sub encloser output, It might be close on some frequencies but that feeling of rumble in IB is what gets me giggles each time!
I might buy a car with a trunk just to get that feeling back. LOL.
You definitely should :)

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