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Your input on Rainbow

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- Any experiences with their speakers (good or bad)?

- Anyone try their amps?

- Anyone use their woofers?

- Anyone ever work at a shop where they carried multiple models? Any experience with fitting them into cars? They seem to make a lot of sub-lines of speakers...

Information is most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I had a set of 4" profi(older model) comps in my old car. Very good build quality, loved the way they sounded. I would buy another set in a heartbeat. and i have no problem recommending them based on my experience. Only used the one set though
i have the rainbow plats set. love them. i love their tweets. cant go wrong with tcal27 or cal28. build quality is top notch.
Bing should have a lot of experience with Rainbow. ask him.
I have a set of Rainbow Pro's in my BMW. I find them to be pretty smooth and seem to play all kinds of music well
I wish I had a local shop that carried them so I could listen to them. :cry:

One of the local shops are supposed to pick them up soon though. I wish that happened before I bought my front stage drivers.
Vanadium 12" subwoofer is a fantastic sub.. not cheap, but worth it in my opinion..

I have used the profi 3 ways for a couple years, then moved to just the 2 way. Both set ups are very smooth and accurate, again, in my opinion..
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I had a set of Germaniums and they sounded great and the silk tweets were one of my favs til this day.
I really enjoy the rainbows speakers I have as well. Overall it's just a great complete package.
Used the Profi Van 3-way. Some of my favorites that I have ever ran wish I would have not sold them. I have also used some of the soundline stuff and it is pretty solid also.

On the expensive side but great build quality, sound great and some of the easiest so far to get right running active.IMO

I plan to buy some of the Powerline CS to give a try in the future.
Thanks to all who have weighted in.

To the person who pressed "You should have searched first" - really? Gee, thanks.
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