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Hi guys I am looking to get your opinion on how You would set up these amps in a SQ system.

This is what I have in my setup to use.

Alpine CDA 7940 Head Unit
MB Quart PCE 216 Components in the Front
MB Quart RCE 268 Components in the Rear
2 Re Audio SE 12's Dual 2ohm Subs in sealed Fiberglass Enclosure
2 Soundstream Class A 5.0 amps
1 Soundstream Reference 500 amp

The question is which of the 3 setups would you do?

Setup A
Run the Reference 500 to the components at 2ohm stereo that would be 200 watts to each set and the 2 Class A amps to each sub 1ohm Bridged to get 500 watts to each sub


Setup B
Run one of the Class A amps to both sets on components at 2ohm stereo with 50 watts UNDER RATED POWER going to each set and run the other Class A Amp to the Subs at 1/2 Bridged Mono.


Setup C

Run 1 Class A to the Tweets and 1 Class A to the Mids and then the Reference 500 to the subs.

If you have a better Idea please list what it is.
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