A couple of scuffs as shown on the pics.

(1) Small Allen head issue on ch. 6 negative but still easily works great. The person who I got this from failed to mention to me that the Allen head on just one needed to be screwed in a at an angle. I did check All Allen heads and all will be included I just didn’t put the last 4 in yet

I made a video of me showing no issues with the Allen head working to its full potential as you will see me dragging the amp on the carpet with the one wire. And yes the Allen head can screw down more to not look so much like it’s sticking out idk how much because I’m using 12 gauge wire and prefer not to strip it.

$1250 shipped
If outside of USA or in Hawaii island areas Shipping will be extra.

PayPal friends and family only due to new irs laws unfortunately. Will be double boxed tracking & insured.

Been selling since 2007 feel free to look me up or ask.