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I just switched back from an arc ps8 to my sx sl 2.

Running a McIntosh mcc404 for mids and tweets, full range out 2 from eq, using the mac crossovers.

McIntosh MC420 for the mid bass, using the eq's out 1 bandpass crossover.

Zapco c2k 9.0 for the sub, using eq sub out

Initially, everything worked as intended, sounded good.

Then i remembered why i stopped using this amp/eq combo; the amp will not shut off when connected to the eq. when the remote wire shuts everything off, the amp and the eq remain on. not only that, when i turn everything back on i get no output from the c2k until i remove the ground wire and "reset" the amp.

I had the amp checked out by shawn king on here and he could find no problems, although i didn't send him the amp and the eq together.

My solution was to use the sub out from the McIntosh to go directly to the c2k, so that it was in no way connected to the eq, and it works fine.

But now i can't use the sub xo in the dash nor the hi/low balance feature i love on the eq.

I do have the eq hooked up with the official zapco power supply and all genuine symbilink cables. The power supply has it's own ground.

Any thoughts?
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