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Here is my set up, .... So far... dont make fun of me.... HU = pyle ( of **** ) view ( ebay refurb) Basically the cheapest touchscreen you can get...1 Zapco 350.2, 1 focal integration 6.5 per channel ( disconnected passive crossover) 1 zapco 200.2, running 1 focal integration 1.5 tweeter per channel ( with the passive 3k xover (integrated into the tweeter ) ; ( I didnt want to risk blowing the tweets, so i left the passive crossover wires attached . ( hoping 3000k x would still be tunable with the onboard dsp system, finally ..1 Zapco I600 running 2 , mismatched MTX 12's ( 1 SVC Thunder 6000 ) 1 DVC low end ) @ parralell 2 ohms, in a Memphis Pro Audio rectangle side port box, ..3 line drivers , 1 front, 1 rear and 1 bass preout per. channel ( single channel pre out for bass which I added a splitter for connection to the line driver that goes to the sybilink connection on the I force - 1 farad soundstream hybrid Cap.... Did the grounds for the big 3 (big 2 so far ) which made a difference 14.4 to 14.7 .8.... or so... Im pretty much a self taught , researching half of my life on slopes and curves i dont quite yet understand completely...My questions are...

Mids and Tweets are in stock locations in a 1999 ford taurus. I want to know, If I add another amp for mid bass.. Can I Just connect the left channel of the line driver to the sybi, and use the right channel for another bass amp?

Can I separetely tune the 200.2 bridged output to lowpass, while still maintaining high pass on channel 1/2 (basically im saying can I run tweeters on left and right channel and tri way the bridge to low pass freq??

Am I wasting on the split single bass pre out or ??? and finally.... What would be a good method of tuning for me ( in the car with a laptop ) hard to find peoples pre sets and so fourth for maximum sound quality.... Thanks ... I think thats it for now :) lol

How would you set up the DSP for the front??? Also, I think my pre outvolts are 2v, and Im having a hard time understanding the input #'s and what 1.95 means in regard to my setup, ... Why would I use 10.00 ? why would I use .25 in regards to anything... Also... What should my line drivers be set at to start? 0 db? 6? 12? and why.
What freq x over for the I FORCE running 12s? sub filter? boost? Sorry and thanks in advance for trying to understand another weeetard email.... ZAPCO RULES THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!
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