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Hello all,

This is an amp I purchased originally to run my front stage mids, but, alas, I couldn't fit it under my seat.

Works beautifully, no problems, and one of the cleanest sounding amps I have heard, as are most of the ZED designed amps.

I Do not know if this is ZED made or just Zed designed. It doesn't say on the board inside. I do know that ZED made or designed virtually every one of the US ACOUSTICS amps.

From What I have found for specs, here goes:

150WRMS x's 2 @ 4 ohm load @12.9 volts
225WRMS x's 2 @ 2 ohm load @12.9 volts
500wRMS x's 1 @ 4 ohm load bridged at 12.9 volts

THD is less than .01 %

S/N is 105

Size of amp:

15 x 10 x 2.5 , not including the .5 inch of mounting flange on the ends of the amp.....


Very solid construction with LOTS OF MOSFETS!!!!!

Asking $ 75 shipped to Con. U.S.

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I am looking. I love me some US Acoustics... I have a USX2150 just waiting on the right project...


I know what you mean....

I think the US Acoustics line is probably one of the best quality/price ratio amps there are....

I have about 20 amps here, and out of all of them, the US Acoustics series amps really do sound the best....

I would honestly keep this one, but it was about 1 inch too wide to go under my seat.... :(

I still have a USX4065, and three USX2080's....

they are all so clean and clear, and very precise sounding for the rated power....
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