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Short version: Can I do rear fill with an Alpine PXA-H800 and my setup and will it deliver the tuning settings I want? (I've tried to work this out but am getting nowhere):
Head unit is a single din Kenwood KDC-X7100DAB. Passive setup speakers and amps are:
  • front door speakers Hertz Mille MLK 1650.3 legend -2Way, excellent hi level tweeter position
  • rear door speakers Hertz Mille MLK 165.3 legend - 2Way tweeters 2/3 way up door
  • subs are two Hertz EBXF20.5 - 8" Enclosed Subwoofer boxes under a false floor in the wagon area just behind the rear seat
  • amps three Hertz HP802 SPL - class AB Stereo Amplifier 330rms into 4 ohms
I initially ideally want to tune 4 primary settings that I can switch between:
  1. driver only and rear speakers switched off
  2. driver only rear speakers used for rear fill
  3. four passengers all speakers on
  4. doors and tailgate open sitting around a campfire
Oh and I have an Astell and Kern A&ultima SP1000M Digital audio player which is completely unbelievable for all sorts of uses and I'm ripping my 1000+ CDs to it in 16/44 FLAC. I am running it analog into the Aux in of the Kenwood and it sounds sublime but it also has USB out. So I think I can run it digital into the head unit but maybe also directly into the DSP. Advice welcome on this.

Long version:
Right, I have recently installed a new car hifi system. Well had it installed. Pics and details here Which DSP should I get or don't I need one........ but it's a proper 4WD turbo diesel station wagon with a low range gear box that will go anywhere. I typically drive around the city alone, but on long trips can often have 4 people in the car driving for hours on end. So awesome sound, rear speakers and an OEM appearance were all part of the brief. It sounds awesome, like unbelievably awesome but I now realise that a DSP will improve that.

I had been heading towards a Helix DSP pro Mk2 but only being able to tune with a laptop, and having to spend AU$460 extra for the HELIX DIRECTOR Remote Control is an issue, it would have to be a lot better to spend 500 bucks more than the Alpine which I can get here with a remote included for the same price as the Helix without one. I don't mind using a laptop. But I'd like a phone/tablet app as well. I don't want to carry a $2K laptop around in the car with me. I was drawn to the Helix cos everyone says the helix sounds better but no one has been able to articulate how/why that is the case.

My installer also has lots of experience with the Alpine and he says: "Also the Helix having a 100% need to have a PC for even simple switching is very backwards, vs the Alpine, Hertz and audio control which have apps which you could easily use on a tablet, or phone to adjust on the fly and the Alpine and Hertz having full display remote controls allowing many presets to be dialed in for listening alone, with a car full, different types of music, if your in the mood for bass or the mood for unbelievable clarity you can adapt on the fly whilst driving like a road trip situation. The fact the Alpine has a built in audio analysis microphone also puts it on another level as you can visualise the response curve and how your changes are actually translating to the sound profile, then the ability to make and adjust the presets on your phone or Android based music player is next level and gives you the ability to take advantage of all the power of the DSP without the need for a degree in audio engineering and computer programming. . The analysis mic also allows a level of noise cancellation and compensation for road noise and harmonics to keep the sound profile uniform at all times, to me that sounds fairly revolutionary."

I have great noise insulation, but we could drive hundreds of KM on unpaved roads on some trips. So the road noise cancellation really grabs me. I also get the impression that not only is my installer an expert with the Alpine I could get up to speed with it pretty quickly and with the helix that might not be the case.

Thanks in advance
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