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HiFi Audio Cable Suggestions

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Hello I'm in the process of planning a SQ build for my 2000 Buick Regal. I'm interested in low-impedance Focal component speakers and will be getting an amplifier to match.

I understand the quality of components including the wires matters but I know very little here.

What would you suggest I look for among the highest quality range of wiring? Any suggestions?
(I'd also like to know the names of the connectors I'd need to buy along with. I don't know what they're called.)

Update: I found these, are they any good?

Elite 14/2 Speaker Wire Cable, 14AWG/2-Conductor, UL Listed, CMR/CL3R, (Riser/In-Wall & Outdoor/In-Ground (Direct Burial)- 100% Oxygen Free Pure Bare Copper (OFC), 100ft Bulk Cable (105 strands) Black

Any suggestions and/or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!
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I have knuconceptz crystal on my sub amps and stinger for the rest. I can't tell the difference. 馃し馃徑 my installer said the knukonceptz was too thick and hard to work with so he swapped them out for stinger. If it weren't for that I would have only had knukonceptz in there now.

I have the Karma Rca and speaker wire, and they are thick. I had a hell of a time getting the speaker wire in the doors. After struggling with the first run, I decided to run the Kord blue instead of trying to squeeze another karma cable in the doors.
If I have to do it again, I'll go with speed wire or something similar.

Or this, I have a roll of the 22awg, and they're flexible enough and easy to work with. GS Power 16 Gauge Wire (16 AWG) - 100 Foot, Pure Copper, Stranded Electrical Wiring for Speaker, Automotive, Trailer, Stereo and Home Theater Applications - Red/Black : Automotive
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I made mine because i wanted them to be an
Exact length, plus I already had the wire and ends but i agree with miniSQ. There鈥檚 no reason to spend crazy money but don鈥檛 buy complete garbage either, or use the freebies that come with stuff.

If you want to make them planet waves has an easy solution but it鈥檚 not cheap. Roughly $6.50 per end and a $1.30 per foot of wire. So do the math on that and it can add up quick compared to some good quality pre-made cables.

Actually I鈥檒l do some math so a 5鈥 2 ch rca cable from waves would be $39 and for example this 17鈥 stinger is $20.

It all depends on whats more important to you (cables cut to the perfect length/or cheaper and easy but you will most likely have some excess wire to deal with) but I highly doubt you鈥檒l hear any difference between the 2.
I made these to go from the DSP to the amplifiers, all of different lengths. Although the RCA connects were slightly under $2.00 each once I add cable, solder, shrink sleeves, tech flex, and time they got expensive.

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What brand RCA wire are you using as well as RCA connectors? Looks great!

If I had to do them again, I would use Amphenol or a connector similar with extra crimping points.
I had two cables that needed the crimp point really pushed in for a good connection.
The Neutrik only has one on each side; if you're doing a sharp angle, the extra grip helps keep the rca in place.
If you go this route, get more cable and connectors than you need( I learned that the hard way).

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Yea, I wouldn't bother with crazy high end RCAs and speaker wire.
You want better midbass response add a front sub not high end RCAs. Better clarity to your front stage? spend the time tunning.
Yeh wouldn't worry about high-price RCA unless it is for cool points or building for custom length (which sometimes can be cheaper than what some companies sell them for).
A person will be hard-pressed to hear the difference between cables, if there is any.
If there is a difference, I will gander. It's so minuscule it wouldn't be worth the effort over other gear that makes a noticeable difference.
You know what a person will hear a difference in, Speakers and amplifiers, speakers above all.
Anywho, it's his money. Let him spend it how he wants.
1/4in or 3/8 inch techflex?
1/4 100ft roll
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